I Still Like The Old Boats - Just Bought A 2004 LXi

ozskiozski Posts: 634 Crazy Baller
I've just purchased an 04 LXi (340 monsoon) with about 300 hours. Never owned a Malibu before and I'm really looking forward to taking delivery in a couple of weeks, probably the only negative is the fact that it runs perfect pass and not ZO. I've decided I can live with that. As much as I like skiing and training behind the 200's I think the LXi will be the perfect weekend boat for family time and free skiing. Questions for Lxi people.

How will the 2004 stack up against later model boats for shortline skiing -32 - 35?

The boat appears to be in perfect condition, is there anything I need to pay attention to on this model?

Is it worth upgrading the perfect pass to the latest version? Zbox etc
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